How Good & Plenty Candy Achieves Its Nostalgic Flavor
Licorice root is a flavoring that first gained popularity over 200 years ago, but has found an everlasting home in a candy that evokes feelings of nostalgia for many Americans.
Good & Plenty, America’s oldest candy brand, was the first to use licorice root in its products in 1893, the debut of its now-iconic black licorice nibs in a candy coating.
Licorice root has long been used in food and drink, and was thought to be good for dental health. As a candy flavor, it let Good & Plenty explode in popularity among consumers.
Customers found favor with the candy’s unique crunchy-chewy texture, and its bright and eye-catching packaging in pink, white, and purple colors.
Good & Plenty hasn't changed much. It's still a staple at movie theaters and convenience stores, beloved by those who love the old-fashioned flavor of true black licorice.
Some fans of this classic candy have put in everything from cupcakes to cocktails. You can infuse vodka with a cup of the pill-shaped sweets and let the brew sit for a few weeks.
Many mainstream licorice brands no longer use real licorice root extract, but Good & Plenty’s uniquely sweet, warm, and earthy burst of flavor continues to be 100% authentic.