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How Giada De Laurentiis Levels Up Boxed Pancake Mix
It’s much easier to whip out a box of pancake mix than to make them from scratch, but boxed pancake mixes could always use a little something extra. In a recipe for the Food Network, celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis shared her favorite additions to pancake mix that we can bet you've never used in the boxed version before.
To jazz up your boxed pancake mix, grab these three ingredients from De Laurentiis' recipe for almond pancakes: mascarpone cheese, pure almond extract, and almond paste. Add them to your pancake mix in a food processor to allow everything to mix thoroughly, then pour your batter on the griddle and enjoy.
Mascarpone cheese is sweet and creamy, which will make your pancakes thick and yummy, while almond paste brings chewiness and a subtly sweet almond flavor. De Laurentiis uses these ingredients when making pancakes from scratch, but they can easily be incorporated into a boxed mix, too.