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How Filipino Cuisine Uses Avocado As A Delicious Dessert
Guacamole and avo toast steal the avocado limelight, but there are many more uses for the beloved green fruit. Botanically, avocados are classified as a berry, complete with a pit and a fleshy interior, and they function superbly in inventive sweet dishes.
TikToker Anna Paul shared a viral video of a typical Filipino avocado dessert, and the post amassed over 10 million views, and now there are countless other viral interpretations. The preparation is quick, and the results are rewarding for a summer day.
For this easy dessert, avocados are sliced into chunks and combined with condensed milk and ice, or for some people, additional sweetener or crushed ice. Sometimes the mixture is blended, but usually, it's simply eaten with a spoon.