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How Far In Advance Can You Purchase Caviar?
Caviar is salt-cured eggs from sturgeon fish, and the eggs come in various sizes and colors that all have a prized, unparalleled ocean-y taste and silky texture. Less is more when it comes to caviar, due to its potent flavor and high price tag, and if you’re planning to buy some, you should know how long in advance you can purchase it.
Caviar Star says that opened, vacuum-sealed tins of caviar can last between 4 to 6 weeks, or up to one year if the caviar has been pasteurized, which can compromise its integrity, but does make it less perishable. However, regardless of the variety you choose, caviar does not have a decent long shelf life if you don’t store it properly.
To make caviar last longer, Imperia Caviar stresses the importance of storing it between 28 F and 32 F in the coolest part of your fridge, which is typically at the back of the bottom shelf. Once you open the tin, it’s best to eat the caviar within 3 days before it dries out, taking away the taste and texture you paid so much for.