Glasses of banana pudding topped with bananas and cookies
How Did Magnolia Bakery's Banana Pudding Get So Famous?
Magnolia Bakery gained popularity through its delicious cupcakes, but over the years, the bakery’s banana pudding has become the bakery’s most famous dessert.
Originally a staff favorite, the banana pudding became responsible for at least a quarter of in-store sales as mixers were replaced with larger units and output increased.
Part of this popularity was due to the 25 different banana pudding flavors the bakery has introduced from chocolate hazelnut and red velvet to non-banana flavors like apple crisp.
Today, you can have the pudding delivered to your home within the States. Otherwise, you can find the recipe online or buy a DIY banana pudding kit from Magnolia Bakery.
The bakery even sells banana pudding cookies and has many brand partnerships for banana pudding merch from candles and body scrub to edibles and even luggage.