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How Daniel Boulud Takes Grilled Hot Dogs To The Next Level
Hot dogs are notorious for their presence at Fourth of July gatherings, baseball games, and parties, but often, hot dogs are served with the same toppings in the same way. Fortunately, Michelin-star winning Chef Daniel Boulud has a trick that will take your dogs to the next level.
When grilling the perfect 100% beef frank, Boulud coats each hot dog in oil, to sear the outside. He then lays dry, fresh rosemary and thyme over the grill and places the hot dogs right on top. The herbs become warm and smoky, infusing the meat with their herbaceous flavors.
Boulud butters and broils the hot dog buns, then serves the dish with a drizzle of bastard sauce, pickled veggie relish, curly chicory, and fresh radish for some kick. With a delicious hot dog recipe like this, we may be retiring the chili and cheese for a while.