A woman's hand is putting clear glass food storage containers full of fresh food into a clean white empty refrigerator.
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How Chopsticks Can Help Keep Your Fridge Super Organized
While there are many ways to keep your fridge more organized, one problem is figuring out how to store and stack your leftovers, especially if you've run out of lids for your containers or want to store foods in a bowl, pot, or other irregularly-shaped container. Luckily, a simple pair of chopsticks can help mitigate this problem.
All you have to do is take one of your bowls or containers, without the lid, and horizontally rest two long chopsticks on top of it. The sticks will then effectively act as a base for another bowl or container to be placed on top, without the stack toppling; it helps to use "square" chopsticks that aren't perfectly cylindrical and won't roll around.
Make sure that the chopsticks aren’t placed too far apart from each other, since that can prevent them from properly supporting and holding the bottom of a bowl or container. To store larger dishes like casseroles, just tilt each chopstick at an angle and place them on the corners of the casserole dish before stacking things on top.