Mustard in a bowl with mustard seeds
How Chinese Hot Mustard Gets Its Unique Spicy Kick
While Chinese hot mustard may look like common yellow mustard, it has the same spicy burn as horseradish or wasabi, which comes from a unique chemical reaction.
Chinese hot mustard gets its kick from brown mustard seeds. Thanks to two sulfuric compounds, these seeds produce a spicy oil when broken down and mixed with water.
To begin this chemical process, Chinese hot mustard is made by mixing dry mustard powder with water and letting it rest for about 15 minutes to generate some heat.
You can buy Chinese hot mustard powder at an Asian market or online. Simply mix it with cold water to thin it into a paste and activate the enzymes that produce its spice.
If you only find English mustard powder, you can mix it with water, salt, white pepper, vegetable oil, and rice vinegar. Play with the ratios until you get a flavor you like.