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How Cheryl Day Transforms Leftover Biscuits Into A Unique Party Snack
Party snack mixes, which are usually some combination of pretzels, nuts, and cereal, have become relatively formulaic. Besides the typical pantry goodies, they may have chocolate and peanut butter for sweetness or oyster crackers and saltines for satisfying bulk — but chef and cookbook author Cheryl Day has a different idea.
If you've baked a big batch of biscuits (or ordered a lot from a fast food place) and you need to use up the leftovers, Day has a fun way of incorporating them into a tried-and-true, savory, Southern-inspired party mix. All you need to make it are the biscuits, some pantry staples, a simple buttery sauce, and an oven.
Day recommends cutting leftover biscuits into cubes, putting them on a baking tray, and baking them for eight to 12 minutes until they turn golden. Add cereal, pretzels, pecans, and sesame seeds before dousing the whole concoction in a spiced, buttery sauce with honey and cayenne pepper, then bake it one final time to finish.