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How Black Coffee Can Elevate Your Stew
On top of the fact that the coffee is just plain tasty, drinking up to 4 cups a day is proven to help against chronic diseases and even support weight management. A concoction as delicious and energizing as coffee shouldn't only wake us up in the morning; it's also a great secret ingredient in savory dishes like stew.
Aromas Coffee Roasters explains that fruit, chocolate, nuts, and other notes can make up the fragrance and flavor of coffee, depending on its origins and degree of roasting. Not only can coffee add a ton of complexity to a stew, but it also works to balance out the savory flavors of meat, which can make a world of difference.
Pouring some black coffee into a stew while cooking can intensify the hue of the stock, add richness, and can even help tenderize meat, making it perfect not only for stew but other dishes such as chili, gravy, or braised ribs. Just make sure to stay away from flavored coffees, since they might clash with the seasonings in your dish.