Old Cuban cocktail garnished with mint and lime peel
How Audrey Saunders Reinvented The Mojito To Make The Old Cuban
Some would say the mojito is perfect as is, but Audrey Saunders reinvented it to create The Old Cuban, a delicious drink that mixes sweet and tart flavors.
A traditional mojito features rum, spearmint leaves, cane sugar, lime juice, and soda water. The Old Cuban pairs all of these flavors with the flavors of the French 75 cocktail.
In place of mineral water, Saunders opts for a little Champagne and some Angostura bitters. These two changes will leave your mouth buzzing and create a toast-worthy cocktail.
The Old Cuban is all about the balance of sweet and tart. The cocktail uses aged rum, which carries flavors of sweet vanilla and caramel that juxtapose the Angostura bitters.
The Old Cuban has the perfect Yin-Yang effect on your taste buds without clashing or seeming out of sync, and the acidic burst of the champagne finishes it off perfectly.