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How Are Green And Black Cardamom Different?
Spices are essential to many foods, from nutmeg in eggnog to cinnamon in pumpkin pie, yet one of the most essential is cardamom. Cardamom comes in two varieties — green and black — their versatility is perfect for adding depth to both sweet and savory dishes; however, few people understand the contrast between the two types.
Green cardamom uses the pod and seed and has a pungent aroma and flavor, which lends itself to dishes like Soan Papdi, Masala Chai, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Massaman Curry Paste. Black cardamom has a bold, smoky flavor, as well as a camphor and menthol note like that of mint, and it pairs excellently with spicy or heavier recipes.
Green pods are native to southeast Asia and India, preferring high altitudes and warm weather, whereas black cardamom, less popular than green, originated in Sikkim, India, and Nepal. Although Guatemala recently conquered the cardamom market and is crowned as the largest exporter of cardamom worldwide, growing both varieties.
Green cardamom can be bought whole or ground, pairing well with meats, baked goods, and most warm drinks, but add it slowly and taste test, as it can overpower your food quickly. Black cardamom works in rice, soups, chowders, casseroles, and things like marinades for its notable smoky flavor; it is also an essential ingredient in garam masala.