Tasting room at Angel's Envy Distillery in Louisville, KY
How Angel's Envy Made History For The City Of Louisville
During the latter half of the 19th century, Louisville, Kentucky's Whiskey Row along Main Street was a haven for bourbon makers, but this era ended with the arrival of Prohibition.
Only over the last decade or so, bourbon distilling has returned to Louisville's scenic downtown area that borders the Ohio River. Angel's Envy is one company that has set up shop.
Since Louisville's Urban Bourbon Trail debuted in 2008, over ten distilleries have opened, along with bourbon-themed bars, restaurants, and even a hotel called Hotel Distil.
Angel's Envy has notably made history as the first large-scale distillery to resume bourbon-making in downtown Louisville since the days of the Whiskey Row.
Angel's Envy has increased its East Main Street digs by 13,000 square feet, doubling visitor capacity. They've also carved out a historic niche in terms of their products.
The distillery has pushed out the 11th release of its cask-strength Kentucky bourbon finished in port wine barrels, a milestone for a company that specializes in finished whiskeys.