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How Alton Brown Upgrades Rice Krispies Treats
Food Network star and "Good Eats" host Alton Brown has a thing for sprucing up ordinary dishes, and his Rice Krispies treats are no exception. It's easy to assume that Brown adds or replaces an ingredient to shake things up, but instead, he simply changes the technique to add more flavor by using a little extra time.
Brown starts by toasting the Rice Krispies cereal over medium-high heat in a wok, constantly moving the pan to ensure that all the pieces are exposed to heat. Toasting the cereal without burning enhances its rice-y flavors, and while a big pot with a wide bottom will work fine, a wok can hold a larger volume of cereal to make more treats.
Brown transfers the toasted cereal to a separate dish to cool, then browns his butter and "cooks it until its sugars and milk proteins brown a bit," as he says. Carefully-browned butter adds a nutty and caramelized flavor to any dish, and from this step onward, Brown's recipe is similar to that of basic Rice Krispies treats, but with better results.