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How Alton Brown Upgraded His Most Popular Good Eats Recipe
Whether you add lobster, garlic, or no extra frills, mac and cheese is sure to satisfy as a side dish or main course. If you’ve attempted to make homemade mac and cheese, you may have run across Alton Brown’s recipe, which the chef recently updated in a YouTube video with an unexpected addition.
Brown’s mac and cheese recipe is the most popular vegetarian “Good Eats” recipe of all time, and he's added a twist by incorporating fresh spinach. The spinach not only adds vitamins and minerals that fight stress, support eye health, and regulate blood pressure, but it also pairs well with Brown’s cheese combination.
Brown’s recipe calls for shredded cheddar cheese and feta, along with evaporated milk, eggs, unsalted butter, brown mustard, kosher salt, and either Aleppo pepper or Biber pepper. Brown notes that when your macaroni is done cooking, you should save some starchy pasta water for the sauce and to blanch your spinach.