Homemade Green Bean Casserole topped with French crispy fried onions in a black dish with spoon on a wooden table,  american cuisine, vertical view from above
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How Alton Brown Takes Green Bean Casserole To The Next Level
Celebrity chef Alton Brown may have some unconventional kitchen methods, like tossing in pasta before the water is boiled and making tuna salad sandwiches without bread, but his simple tip for making green bean casserole is no joke. It may take a few extra steps, but the taste and texture is well worth it.
The original recipe for green bean casserole, invented by a Campbell's Soup employee, calls for Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup as a main ingredient, and while it’s been enjoyed by American families since 1955, Alton Brown thinks it’s due for an upgrade. Brown recommends making your own cream of mushroom soup for a more flavorful and creamy dish.
To make your own cream of mushroom soup, Brown says to start by browning fresh mushrooms, before adding half and half, butter, flour, and sherry vinegar. Simmer the mixture down to create a creamy stock before adding it to your green bean casserole, and enjoy this upgraded version of a classic dish.