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How Alton Brown Stores Brownies For Maximum Freshness
Alton Brown has a love for brownies, and in his usual meticulous nature, he updated his classic brownie recipe on his website in 2021. As an extra note, the celebrity chef explained the best way to store your finished batch of crispy, gooey brownies to maintain freshness.
Storing brownies can be difficult, since they can turn dry or soggy as the days go by. Putting them in the fridge can dry them out, and most baked goods stay at their best at room temperature; however, you still need to prep your brownies, instead of leaving them uncovered on the counter.
Brown says to avoid putting your brownies in Ziploc bags, as the airtight bag can make the brownies soggy. He recommends wrapping cooled brownies in wax paper and storing them in a tin with a few holes at the top to vent air; this storage tactic also works great with blondies and cookies.