Bolani served with a yogurt dip
How Afghan Street Food Bolani Is Traditionally Served
Roam any Afghani city, and you'll likely find a bazaar with local food, such as Afghanistan's version of a sandwich, the Bolani.
Pronounced buh·laa·nee, this crispy handheld street food is traditionally prepared vegetarian and costs less than twenty cents USD.
An Arabic flatbread resembling a quesadilla, Bolani comes stuffed with cilantro, gandana (leek) leaves, and potatoes. It’s seasoned with salt, pepper, chilis, and ground coriander.
The basic bolani recipe is made from flour, yeast, salt, and olive oil. Homemade bolani is similar to naan, except the dough is flattened out as thin as possible.
The dough is stuffed with a small amount of filling, folded over into a half-moon shape, shallow-fried one at a time with a bit of hot oil, then served with dipping sauces.
One sauce, similar to raita, consists of yogurt, ground coriander, minced garlic, a squeeze of lemon juice, salt, peppers, and mint. Or, opt for a spicy vinegar-based cilantro chutney.