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How A Tipsy Mishap May Have Led To The Invention Of Toasted Ravioli
Toasted ravioli is the more appetizing way to refer to fried ravioli, covered in crispy fried breadcrumbs, and topped with parmesan cheese. It’s particularly popular in the city of St. Louis where it’s said to have first originated back in the 1940s, but who actually invented this culinary concoction is a bit disputed.
At least three different restaurants state that they were the original creators of toasted ravioli — Charlie Gitto’s, formerly Angelo’s, Lombardo’s, and Oldani’s. Charlie Gitto’s claims to have invented it through a happy accident when a cook accidentally dropped a ravioli into breadcrumbs, while Lombardo’s claims it as an old family recipe.
At Oldani’s — now known as Mama’s on the Hill — a chef was allegedly cooking with red wine to prepare scaloppini and was sipping from the bottle, as well, which caused him to accidentally drop the ravioli in the fryer, and thus the toasted ravioli was born. However, not all agree that it originates from St. Louis, as its true origins are thought to lie in Sicily.