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How A Restaurant Menu's Most Expensive Dish Might Be Tricking You
It's exciting to sit down at a restaurant and be presented with an array of dishes to discover, but don't forget about your budget. Engineering a menu in special ways can increase restaurant profits by as much as 15%, reports TouchBistro, and even if you avoid the most expensive dish, restaurants may still trick you into spending a lot.
Restaurants often list the most expensive dish towards the top of the menu, which may make other items seem reasonable by comparison, and the priciest dish may also be listed next to those that actually generate the highest profits. Dishes may also be promoted by having a box or other attention-grabbing graphic surrounding the name.
According to George Mahe of St. Louis Magazine, the bottom right is the most forgettable area of the menu for diners, while the top left and top right corners stand out the most, and restaurants arrange dishes accordingly. Checking spots on the menu that you're not initially drawn to can earn you a meal at a more affordable price.