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How A Pinch Of Salt Transforms Amari Cocktails
An amaro is a liqueur derived from herbs and botanicals that delivers a rich and funky herbaceousness, providing another dimension of flavor to cocktails. When it comes to highlighting the complexity of amaro-based drinks, many mixologists have found the benefits of adding a pinch of salt.
Salt has the power to lower our sensation of bitterness, intensifying sweet and sour tastes in exchange. This is particularly important in the case of amari cocktails; by muting an amaro’s bitterness, a sprinkle of salt can fully express an amaro’s nuanced flavors, resulting in a more well-rounded cocktail.
If you want to try incorporating salt into an amaro-driven cocktail at home, you can add a pinch into the drink before stirring, but you could also work with a few drops of saline solution or directly salt one of the cocktail’s main components. Just make sure you salt sparingly for the best results.