Exterior of a Buc-ee's gas station
How A Modest Texas Gas Station Became The Buc-Ee's Sensation
The mega gas station complex Buc-ee's has a rabid appeal in Texas thanks to its hundreds of gas pumps, nearly 600 prepared food options, and a wide variety of unique snacks.
The first Buc-ee's was opened in 1982 in Clute, Texas. Now, there are 45 stores across eight states (with more openings in the works), which are all strategically placed.
Each location has proximity to, but not inside, urban centers, an hour or more out of the city. Most are along bustling interstate highways, which maximizes visibility.
The stores also depend on their large, well-organized team. The rigorous hiring process focuses on attention to customer service skills, and in return, compensation is higher.
This aspect combined with a strong image — in the branding of the mascot, the products, and the atmosphere itself — means that Buc-ee's stands out from other roadside spots.