Glass of tequila with salted rim and lime
How A Milk Frother Can Completely Boost The Taste Of Tequila
Aeration can help improve the flavor of drinks and liquors by exposing them to more oxygen. If you're curious about aerating tequila, try using a milk frother to make it easy.
Traditionally, aeration is achieved by using a decanter, aerator, or letting the alcohol sit in a glass, but TikTok user @drinkwithwayne has shown viewers how to do it much faster.
In a video, @drinkwithwayne sticks a basic handheld milk frother into a shot of tequila and turns the frother on to "whip" the drink and create a silky texture and better flavor.
"Froth up some of your favorite spirits and it just hits your palate so much better," the creator explains. "You let out some of the ethanol — everything just kind of opens up."
After trying this trick, user @timthetankofficial said the frothed drink "is 100 times smoother," while @nicoleeanne6 gave a whipped glass of cheap Trader Joe's tequila a "10/10."
However, if you’re making a margarita or other shaken drink, pre-aerating the tequila or other liquor isn't necessary. The shaking step already aerates the cocktail for you.