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How A Legal Dispute Made The Future Of Delmonico's Steakhouse Unclear
Delmonico's Steakhouse in Manhattan is one of the most iconic restaurants in the U.S., but the business has faced issues over its many years of operation. The eatery’s most recent troubles began in 2019, when ownership of Delmonico's was divided between four men: Omer and Ferdo Grgurev, Milan Licul, and Branko Turcinovic.
The Grgurevs sued Licul and Turcinovic for improper financial records and misappropriated sales taxes; ultimately, the Supreme Court sided with the Grgurevs. However, while the legal case was pending, COVID-19 swept through the nation and forced Delmonico's to close, and the restaurant's staff of 121 people was laid off.
Also, the restaurant suffered flooding damage from Hurricane Ida during the pandemic. The Grgurevs now face eviction after withholding months of rent from their landlord, who has allegedly failed to respond to their repair requests for months; Delmonico's is hopeful about reopening, but as of August 2022, there are no updates.