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How A Cast Iron Skillet Can Help You Make Better Pies
If you’ve only ever baked homemade pies in aluminum or glass vessels, it may be time to add a cast iron skillet to your arsenal. With the ability to absorb and retain a lot of heat and sturdy sides that are just deep enough, these useful skillets can help you bake better pies than ever before.
One of the most important parts of many pies is the flaky crust, and a cast iron skillet’s ability to heat up extra-hot means that any extra moisture in your crust will evaporate quickly, creating crispy layers with no sogginess. Baking in cast iron also ensures that the pie’s crust will brown evenly.
The tall sides of a cast iron skillet will also let you add more filling to create a truly decadent dessert. You will have to prepare a larger crust to cover the skillet’s surface area, but you won’t have to divert too much from your favorite recipe; the baking times and temperature will stay the same.