spicy mayo in small white dish
Hot Sauce Is All You Need To Alter Mayonnaise
Hot sauce and mayo is a simple combination that delivers big flavor. You can use the mixture in a variety of recipes to transform their flavor profile.
Although the mixture is highly customizable, start with a good mayo like Hellman’s and a hot sauce like Tabasco for a strong punch of vinegar and a medium spice level.
This combo is perfect for grilled chicken sandwiches or as a topper for grilled gulf oysters, a nod to Tabasco's Louisiana heritage.
For an Asian twist, mix sriracha with Japanese kewpie mayo. This mayo has a thick, rich body and contains various vinegars and MSG, which gives it a distinct, savory kick.
The mixture works well inside or on top of a spicy tuna or crab roll. Use Cholula, a Mexican hot sauce, for a Mexican kick or Frank's Red Hot mixed with mayo to slather on wings.