Honey glazed salmon on a white plate
Honey Is The Ideal Finishing For Air Fryer Salmon
An air fryer can give you a crispy and juicy piece of salmon in under 15 minutes. While adding salt, pepper, and herbs will deliver great results, honey gives it an upgrade.
To enhance the dish's flavors even more, add lime juice and red pepper flakes to the honey glaze for a tangy kick with heat to match. For umami flavor, add miso and soy sauce.
Prepare your salmon filet before popping it in the air fryer at 365 degrees Fahrenheit for around eight to 10 minutes. If it flakes easily with a fork, then it’s ready.
Plate the salmon and drizzle honey over it. If you've made a glaze, pick it up with a spoon and gently spread it onto the salmon for a deliciously sweet piece of fish.