macro photo of white nougat in a French sweets shop, vertical color picture as background
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Homemade Nougat Looks Nothing Like The Kind In A Candy Bar
Many only know nougat as the chewy base of a Snickers bar, but in Europe and the Middle East, you'll find different versions of nougat served as a standalone dessert. The most popular type is called white nougat, and while it can range from fluffy to tacky, its intensely sweet flavor and memorable chewy texture is a delight in or out of candy.
The dessert has a dense, cake-like texture with large, crunchy nut pieces, and resembles a marshmallow in appearance. The most basic white nougat recipes only call for a few ingredients — egg whites, nuts, and a sweetener, and the unique texture of nougat is created by vigorously mixing and aerating the base ingredients.
White nougat is the most common variety, but it's not the only kind, as there’s also brown and Viennese nougat. Every type of nougat can be used as a part of a dessert or enjoyed by itself, so the next time you’re craving nougat, consider skipping the Snickers and going straight to the source by making your own nougat at home.