A holographic chocolate bar
Holographic Chocolate Is The Shining Dessert That's Easy To Make
A chocolate bar can be turned into a stunning and unique treat suitable for guests if you give it a holographic twist. This special effect is 100% edible and a true show-stopper.
The method for making holographic chocolate changes the surface texture of the bar so it refracts light differently, creating a glossy rainbow effect at certain angles.
You can make this treat at home without expensive equipment. All you need is a diffraction grating film, which retails at around $10 to $20 per roll on Amazon.
Once you have the film, you have to temper the chocolate so the surface can take on the texture of the film. Using high-quality chocolate will create the best result.
Place the film on your counter with the textured side up and spread melted chocolate over it. Once the chocolate hardens, peel off the film to reveal your beautiful bar.