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History Is Served In A Cocktail Glass At London's Donovan Bar
Brown’s Hotel in London has been a magnet for many famous figures over the years, including Winston Churchill and Orson Welles, and is also home to the historic Donovan Bar. This bar honors its centuries of operation by serving one of the world’s most expensive and oldest cocktails: Salvatore’s Legacy.
Award-winning mixologist Salvatore Calabrese created this £5,500 (around $6,600) cocktail by combining Clos de Griffier Vieux cognac from 1788, Kummel liqueur from 1770, orange liqueur from 1860, and Angostura bitters from 1930. Salvatore's Legacy is like drinking years of history in a glass — but of course, it will cost you.
Donovan Bar offers other vintage cocktails at a slightly more affordable price. Patrons can pay tribute to Winston Churchill with "The Winston," a combo of Dalmore whisky, mandarin liqueur, orange bitters, and eucalyptus garnished with a smoke bubble, or order a drink like the vodka and chili-based Spicy Fifty in the £20-£25 range.