The exterior view of Macon, Georgia's famous H&H Soul Food restaurant. Restaurant founder Mama Louise had a unique, life-long friendship with Gregg Allman and The Allman Brothers Band. (Photo by Herb Kossover/Getty Images)
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H&H Soul Food Restaurant's Unique Connection To Rock Royalty
Soul food has long been linked to music, since the cuisine gained widespread recognition around the same time that soul music became popular, and both are deeply intertwined with Black culture. H&H Restaurant is a prime example of this special relationship, with the eatery playing host to many soul and rock & roll legends.
Located in Macon, Georgia, H&H Restaurant was founded in 1959 by "Mama" Inez Hill and "Mama" Louise Hudson, two African American entrepreneurs. The restaurant once fed a couple of individuals for free because Hudson didn't like how skinny they looked, and this group turned out to be the famous Allman Brothers Band.
This encounter began a long-lasting friendship between the band, Mama Hill, and Mama Hudson, and The Black Crowes and the Police were also known to have dined at H&H back in the 70s. This was helped by the fact that Capricorn Records was located in Macon and brought many rockers to the hometown of H&H.
H&H is still in operation, and it remains a favored spot of not just soul food fans, but music aficionados. You can find rock posters and promotional materials covering H&H's walls, a jukebox blaring rock and roll, and you can even order their open-faced Red Dog biscuit, named after one of the Allman Brother Band's roadies.