Photo Taken In Tbilisi, Georgia
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Here's Why You Should Stop Throwing Out Papaya Seeds
Plenty of fruit seeds are nutritious, delicious, and fully edible, while others can be inedible and even toxic, and it's hard to tell if seeds are a no-go when it comes to slightly more unusual fruits like papaya. Normally, only the orange-pink flesh of the papaya is eaten, but you should actually save this fruit's large, black seeds.
Papaya seeds are edible with a spicy flavor and high in nutrients, including essential micronutrients, antioxidant compounds that can help to prevent chronic diseases, and beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber. The seeds can even fight infection, prevent inflammation, protect kidney function, and improve digestive health.
However, papaya seeds should only be eaten in small amounts at a time, since concentrated amounts of papaya seeds in non-human studies indicate the potential for reduced fertility and toxicity in cells and DNA. While these effects haven't been proven to take place in humans, limit your consumption to a few servings per day.
So long as you enjoy them in moderation, papaya seeds are a fun and tasty snack that can also work well as a seasoning for other foods, with an earthy and peppery flavor. You can also eat them on their own, if you can handle their somewhat spicy, horseradish-esque flavor, but let them dry out for about one day first for best results.