Two fried eggs in a pan
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Here's Why You Should Never Crack Eggs Into A Cold Pan
Just like you would never put food in an oven that isn't preheated, you shouldn't crack an egg into a skillet that hasn't been brought up to a hot enough temperature.
If you place your eggs in a pan that isn't adequately preheated, you may run the risk of your eggs sticking to the pan, no matter what type of cookware you use.
If the pan isn't hot enough, your butter won't melt before you add the eggs, so it won't create a slippery nonstick barrier between your eggs and the pan's surface.
No matter which type of fat you use in your pan, the foolproof way to ensure that your pan is ready for your eggs is to test it with a splash of water.
If your butter foams in the pan, that also means it's hot enough, but it's better to run your fingers under the tap and shake a droplet of water into the pan.
If the water droplet sizzles when it hits the pan, that means it's hot enough for you to crack your eggs into. They'll cook perfectly without sticking and getting mangled.