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Here's Why You Need To Order The Next Size Up For Your Starbucks Drink
Starbucks is well-known for its customizable drinks, which have led fans to develop their own elaborate "secret menu" items, but there's a custom drink option you might be ignoring.
At Starbucks, you can ask the barista to use any cup size you like, regardless of the volume of your drink. For example, you can order a grande-size drink in a venti-size cup.
Asking for a cup that's bigger than your actual drink has its advantages. For starters, a larger cup gives you plenty of extra room to add milk or cream to your coffee.
This trick also saves money. Having the barista add milk for you or having them leave room for it means you're paying for milk or empty space, when you want to pay for 100% coffee.
Even if you don't add extras to your drink, a bigger cup is still great if you're driving around, since the wiggle room prevents overflows and spills while the car is moving.