Double-walled glass cup of espresso shot against black background
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Here's What You Should Consider Before Sipping Espresso Out Of A Glass Cup
When it comes to coffee, you may be more focused on what’s in your drink rather than the mug it’s served in, but the cup you choose may be just as important as the roast you pick.
There's debate about whether ceramic or glass cups are better for espresso, in terms of the vessel's heat retention and espresso’s ideal sipping temperature.
In general, ceramic is preferred over glass since it retains heat better, but there is one exception: double-walled glass, which is almost too good at retaining heat.
Espresso brews at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and a ceramic mug will quickly cool espresso by about 54 degrees, but double-walled glass will only cool it by about 37 degrees.
Ceramic cups are perfect for sipping espresso right away, but you might prefer double-walled glass if you let your espresso languish between sips, so it doesn’t get too cold.