Cans of Costco's Kirkland Coffee
Here's What We Know About The Company Behind Costco's Kirkland Coffee
Until recently, Costco's Kirkland coffee beans were known to be roasted by Starbucks, but their logo disappeared from packaging around late 2023 or early 2024 without explanation.
This sudden change suggests the two retail giants may have parted ways, likely due to an expired contract. The identity of the company that took over Starbucks' role is a mystery.
Some business relationships between Costco and Starbucks remain in place, as Starbucks still supplies the store with French Roast coffee and K-Cups that bear its own branding.
Reddit users are celebrating the demise of the partnership, seeing potential for tastier coffee under the Kirkland brand, as many find Starbucks coffee overly roasted and bitter.