Gumbo in a white bowl
Here's What Sausage To Use If You Want A Milder Gumbo
If you want a gumbo that’s milder, kielbasa will make a great substitute for andouille without sacrificing flavor. Kielbasa is a sausage that's also smoked and thoroughly cooked.
Made usually with pork (but sometimes beef or venison), kielbasa has a strong herbal profile with the addition of marjoram and, like andouille, features garlic as a key ingredient.
Since kielbasa is stuffed in a casing and smoked for about three hours, the firmness of the sausage holds up just as well as andouille, especially during the slow cooking process.
Using kielbasa can also be friendlier to the home chef, since sourcing andouille may be harder than it sounds, and kielbasa is readily available in most grocery stores.