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Here's What Lemongrass Is And How To Cook With It
Lemongrass is a versatile plant with a flavor profile similar to lemons, with a fresh aroma. It’s widely used across India, Sri Lanka, and in many Southeast Asian cuisines.
This herb is citrusy with a hint of ginger, with some additional undertones that can be described as both fruity and grassy. When dried, it has a more woodsy flavor and scent.
It’s easy to find fresh lemongrass — which is the best way to use it — at many grocery stores, but you can also find frozen lemongrass, lemongrass paste, or lemongrass powder.
Lemongrass has hard, green outer layers around a pale interior. The interior is what's called for in recipes that use lemongrass, but the green tops can be used to flavor soups.
Though it’s too tough and fibrous to eat raw, lemongrass can be used in soups, stews, and meat dishes, or it can be grated and used in curry pastes, marinades, and sauces.