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Here's What 'Kentucky Chew' Refers To When Tasting Bourbon
Bourbon fanatics know that you have to use your whole mouth to appreciate bourbon fully, which is why they employ what is known as the “Kentucky Chew.”
Before you drink, observe the color of the bourbon in the glass, and sniff it to take in its entire flavor profile. Then, take a small sip, aimed at the middle of the tongue.
For a proper Kentucky Chew, your mouth should be slightly open as you take a sip to introduce air and bring out the full breadth of flavors.
Sip a manageable amount, and move the bourbon about the mouth in a chewing fashion, which will expose it to all of the taste buds.
The flavor will begin to unfold as the bourbon is moved around and begins to warm. After delicately swishing the bourbon for five to 10 seconds, you can swallow it.
Upon swallowing, smack your lips to introduce more air to the palate and bring out lingering flavors known as "the finish."