Breakfast spread with croissants, dried fruit, granola, and crepes
Here's What It's Like To Enjoy A Breakfast Spread In Spain
Eaten between 7 and 11 a.m., Spanish breakfast usually begins with coffee, whether a classic option or a sweet café Bombón with layers of condensed milk and espresso.
From there, you can try a pan con tomate, essentially toast topped with tomatoes, or a tostada, which is an open-faced sandwich with endlessly customizable toppings.
For an even heartier option, try a bocadilla, a breakfast sandwich filled with ingredients like egg frittata, cheese, tomato, or meat like chorizo, tuna, or fried squid.
Sweet tooths will enjoy torrijas, toast soaked in condensed milk or sweet red wine before it's fried, or churros con chocolate served with a thick chocolate dipping sauce.
Finally, if you prefer to graze, you can order an embutidos de carne charcuterie board, or try an assortment of pastries such as flakey palmeritas and lemony Magdalenas.