A grass fed bison burger on a wooden board.
Here's What '$100 Burger' Indicates To A Pilot
If you ever hear pilots talking about a "$100 burger," they’re talking about a quick turnaround flight, which is followed by lunch at an airport diner.
Specifically, we’re talking about private pilots, licensed aviation hobbyists who fly for fun and who want to keep their skills sharp in between their bi-annual flight reviews.
When in pursuit of a $100 burger, the destination is almost inconsequential. It’s often a short flight (less than two hours) to a small airport with a restaurant nearby or on-site.
It’s not just about the food; when pilots stray from their normal patterns and fly to airports they’ve never been to, they also get an opportunity to sharpen their skills.
Pilot John Perner is the publisher of the $100 Burger website, which has been maintained for almost three decades and lists more than 1,600 pilot-tested and approved eateries.
"Burger runs are the most important flights safe pilots make," Perner told Flying magazine in 2021. "They keep us current."