Bowl of barbecue sauce and a brush on a board with cooked ribs
Here's The Best Way To Store Homemade BBQ Sauce
Since homemade barbecue sauce lacks the preservatives that store-bought varieties have, it must be stored properly to stay fresh, which means storing it in an airtight container.
Use a container that leaves as little air inside the container as possible to avoid triggering an oxygen-based reaction, like a mason jar. This way, it should last about two weeks.
You can also store it in the freezer by putting it in a plastic bag and squeezing all the air out, where it will last for three months. Ensure the sauce is cool before freezing it.
Toward the end of its lifespan, check the sauce for signs of spoilage like a pungent vinegar scent or small bubbles on the surface. If you find these, consider it spoiled.