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Here's How Often You Should Dump The Ice Sitting In Your Freezer
Everything in your kitchen needs a good cleaning every now and again, and while ice cubes might not be the first thing you think of, the ice in your freezer needs to be dumped out and replaced from time to time. To prevent your ice tray or compartment from growing bacteria, get rid of your ice following these guidelines.
While your freezer and all its compartments should be deep-cleaned annually, the ice itself should be discarded and replaced every few months. This practice not only sanitizes your freezer, but makes your drinks taste better, since old ice can pick up odors from other foods, affecting its flavor and making it taste "off."
If you use ice often and want to keep the cubes tasting their best for longer, you can take things one step further by storing your ice cubes into a sealable freezer bag. This way, your ice will remain as single cubes without melting and refreezing into a big block, not to mention it will keep the ice funk-free and fresher for longer.