Theodore Roosevelt stands with naturalist John Muir on Glacier Point, above Yosemite Valley, California, USA.
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Here's How Muir Glen Got Its Name
If you're familiar with the brand Muir Glen, you've likely tasted their organic canned tomatoes, pasta and pizza sauces, and salsas. Made from Californian-grown tomatoes that are harvested late in summer and don't contain any synthetic pesticides or chemical additives, the "glen" part of this brand's name relates to the source of its tomatoes.
A glen is a secluded, narrow valley, and this part of Muir Glen's name may be a nod to the San Joaquin Valley of California, where the brand's tomatoes are grown. "Muir" is the less self-explanatory part of the brand's name, but it may be familiar to you if you are a rock climber, mountaineer, or a fan of U.S. national parks.
John Muir, father of the modern conservationist movement, is known for his extensive writing about wilderness and the role humans play in nature; several American national parks resulted from his influence. Muir Glen bears John Muir's name due to the brand's dedication to nature, including actions to protect bees, support farmers, and fight wildfires.