Cooked chicken with corn cobs, salads and oil on a wooden cutting board
Here's How Much Time You Can Leave Cooked Chicken Unrefrigerated
Most know not to leave raw meat unrefrigerated, but the FDA says it doesn't matter how the poultry is prepared; fully cooked chicken must be temperature controlled.
Even fully cooked, chicken needs to be in the fridge within two hours to prevent spoiling. If outside and the temperature is 90º Fahrenheit or over, refrigerate after an hour.
When cooked chicken is stored in an airtight container at 40º Fahrenheit or below, it lasts 3 to 4 days. You can also freeze cooked chicken for up to four months.
If you don't eat or properly store the cooked chicken within a few days, there are some telltale signs of spoiling, like a foul smell, a gray or green color, or a soft, slimy texture.