Three pieces of fried chicken on a fork
Heavy Cream Is The Key Ingredient For Eggless Yet Tasty Fried Chicken
If you think eggs are a must-have ingredient for fried chicken, think again. Heavy cream is an ideal alternative for egg-sensitive folks that creates deliciously crispy chicken.
Eggs help flour, batter, or breadcrumbs stick to fried chicken, but heavy cream can accomplish the same thing. The best method involves soaking the chicken in the cream.
You can soak the chicken for as little as the time it takes to heat the frying oil, or as long as overnight. After that, simply dredge the chicken in flour and fry it.
If you want more flavor, you can mix the cream vinegar or hot sauce, or any spices you'd like. If you don’t have heavy cream, there are a few substitutes you can choose from.
You can accomplish the same crispy, eggless chicken by using buttermilk, mayo, hot sauce, vegetable oils, sour cream, or even Greek yogurt in the same way you'd use the cream.