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Hawaii's Holey Grail Donut Shop Stands Out Thanks To A Key Ingredient
Hawaii has a rich gastronomy dating back to as early as 300 AD when Native Hawaiians prepared meat in earth ovens and planted crops like coconuts, sweet potatoes, and taro. Over time, colonization and immigration brought influences from around the world, but the archipelago's Holey Grail Donuts taps into native Hawaiian heritage with this special ingredient.
Although donuts aren't typically considered part of the traditional Hawaiian diet, Kauai’s Holey Grail Donuts is quickly changing that by connecting with local taro farmers and tapping into the island’s agriculture with their donuts made from a taro-based dough. For the shop, taro is more than a delicious, traditional food group, it’s a way to connect to Hawaiian heritage.
In the ancient story of Hāloa, taro symbolizes the reciprocal relationship between Hawaiian people and their land, and to honor this heritage, Holey Grail Donuts intentionally built both its supply chain and donut recipe around Hawaii's local taro farmers. Co-founder Nile Dreiling explained, "Our responsibility is to build awareness by connecting consumers to producers.”