A woman looking inside her fridge
Have Your Fridge Smelling Pristine With A Fragrant Pantry Ingredient
Opening the fridge and encountering a mix of unpleasant odors can be a consistent annoyance. If you don't want to clean your fridge every single day, try using vanilla extract.
Baking soda is a common odor eliminator, but you can also wet a few cotton balls with vanilla extract and place them on a dish in the fridge to add an extra pleasant scent.
If you're out of vanilla extract, whip up a homemade replacement by soaking vanilla beans in vodka. The vanilla scent can actually improve your mood when you open the fridge.
Extracts like almond, lemon, mint, or rose can also banish bad odors while adding a calming fragrance. Try this trick in your pantry, cupboards and drawers as well.