A close up of grilled halloumi.
Halloumi Is The Tangy Cheese You Need To Try On The Grill
If you want to grill a dish that's unique to your family's backyard barbecue, delectable, tangy, and mildly salty Mediterranean halloumi cheese is just what you need.
Halloumi is a firm cheese with a slightly chewy, squeaky mouthfeel. When thrown onto a grill, it develops a deliciously charred exterior with a springy, slightly melty interior.
Halloumi is sold in brine, so drain it well before slicing it into thick, wide pieces. Aim for no less than a third of an inch so the cheese can stand up to the hot grill.
Thoroughly brush both sides of each slice with olive oil, then sear them on the grill over high heat for around three minutes per each side, until browned char marks appear.
Don't move the cheese around too much, or it will start to break down. To check if it’s done, carefully press down on a slice, and if no moisture escapes, it's finished.
Halloumi has been linked to the island of Cyprus for centuries, and is usually enjoyed with grilled Cypriot dishes like pork and chicken souvlaki.
It also pairs wonderfully with vegetables like grilled zucchini, eggplant, and peppers. You can even skewer grilled and cubed halloumi with any of these foods to make kebabs.