Recipe for Hake fillet breaded with panko, rice, carrot chips and coriander sauce. High quality video
Hake: The Delicate White Fish To Try If You're Bored With Cod
Hake is a groundfish from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and it happens to make a great meal with plenty of versatility, health benefits, and a flavor similar to cod.
While both are white fish, hake is more delicate than cod, tastes sweeter, and has a smaller flake. Its delicacy makes a light pan fry a better cooking method than deep frying.
As long as you handle your hake with care, it can be used as a delicious substitute for many white fish dishes, like fish and chips and several Mediterranean-style dishes.
Hake is lean and considered a low-fat fish, making it a very healthy fish option. To maximize its benefits while mitigating risks, abide by recommended serving sizes.
Neither cod or hake are universally thriving fish since they’re only found in the Atlantic and Pacific, so you should consider the state of your local fishery when buying.